Crushed grain mustards made in a middle-european style with flavours that are undoubtedly from the Cape. The makers from Natekara near Wellington in the Boland have a particular affinity with mustard - it took a lot of experimentation to perfect the recipes - but the effort was worth it - each type has its own distinctive flavour - each type has its own set of devoted fans...

Cape Treasures Mustard with Sundried Tomato

Mustard with Sundried Tomato

Mild mustard with a delicious tang of tomato : its rich, its full of flavour and compellingly more-ish...

Cape Treasures Mustard with Honey

Mustard with Honey

Mustard with its edges smoothed by honey: a meal of smoked sausages and potato salad is not complete without it.

Cape Treasures Mustard with Dill

Mustard with Dill

Mustard and dill make magic with potatoes, capers, fish, eggs and cucumbers. Add it to a dressing or serve it neat, on the side.

Cape Treasures Mustard with Peppersweet chilli

Mustard with Peppersweet Chilli

Mild mustard with a slight buzz of fruity and sweet Peppersweets is a deliciously versatile combination.

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