Smoked Seasoning & Smoked Olive Oil & Smoked Salt

There is something in the flavour of smoked foods that appeal to people - even devoted vegetarians have been known to be intrigued by the smell of fried bacon...

A touch of smoke brings out the 'meatiness' - it also (complete mystery!) tricks tastebuds into tasting things that are not even there - adds an element of excitement.

All 'smokes' are not equal - at its most basic, there are hot smokes and cold smokes, and different smoking media (aromatic woods, herbs, teas). Smoking is an 'art', not a science and the success of a good smoke depends on the person controlling the process: too hot and too long - the smoke taste is overloaded, bitter and 'burnt'; too short, only the superficial flavour notes are transferred and there is no depth of smoke flavour... it tastes 'dull and dusty' (not exciting) - but get it right, and its heavenly!

Cape Treasures Smoked Seasoning

Smoked Seasoning

Sweet paprika peppers, dried and smoked where they are grown, combined with a little salt, a touch of basil and a flash of garlic is a combination made to enchant tomatoes.

Instant 'bacon for vegetarians' - it adds a pinch of smoky intrigue to salads, anything wheat: pasta bread or couscous and vegetable bakes. Its also the friend of beef, chicken, game and game-fish...

Cape Treasures Oak Smoked Olive Oil

Oak Smoked Olive Oil

Smooth, buttery olive oil pressed from South African grown olives, lightly cold-smoked with wine barrel oak: its buttery, smoky, deliciousness - it tastes so good, it ought to be 'bad'...

Cape Treasures Smoked Salt

Smoked Salt

Pure Khoisan Natural Salt with a touch of smoke on a base of smooth onion and garlic is a great condiment to add that extra layer of flavour...

Particularly good in a butter sauce with green vegetables : beans, artichokes, asparagus, spinach - it adds interest to roast root vegetables, braised chick peas, lentils, brown and wild rice, chicken, pork, lamb, fish and seafood.

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